The Full Packed Menu of LOBA Restaurant

As for the heavyweights, you will be happy to indulge in either the Patacon, Loba burger (a different variation of the house burger), burger, veggie burger, Pargo Frito, Jenga ribs, Mimo fried chicken, Bandeja paisa, ironic win, or savory sal. The Patacon, one of the more popular main selections, features mom’s aji, chimichurri, pico de Gallo, guacamole, rice, duroc pork belly, rib-eye slices. Although the Loba burger uses the same name as the house burger, it has a slight variation. It features apple-wood smoked bacon, an egg, Havarti, onion marmalade, brisket blend, and premium chuck, covered on both sides with the house bun. Like the house burger, you can decide to have this selection accompanied by the house salad or hand-cut fries.

Made with love by Libia’s not-so-secret, secret ingredients, is the Bandeja Paisa. This is quite a delight and is an excellent example of why Libia has been successful in the restaurant business for so many years. It features a delightful combination of avocado, arepa, plantain, chorizo, egg, chicharron, red beans, rice, and churrasco. Fancy some seafood? Loba’s got you covered. The Savory Sal selection features a pan-roasted Scottish salmon, green onions, soubise, spinach, and lemon. Just like the name suggests, this selection offers a lesson or two about what savory means. It is delightful and makes you want to order a second round, if only you were not full! Now, of course, the selection of mains from the Mimo-based eatery would not be complete without including a meal named after the city. The Mimo Fried Chicken, also known as MFC by Libo patrons, features a uniquely fried chicken, bacon mac n’ cheese, flourless, honey, and kale.

Loba’s menus also feature a fantastic selection of sides, including Nueske’s bacon, market fruit, turkey bacon, and breakfast potatoes, among others. Hot and cold beverages are available, including coffee, tea, a variety of natural juices and sodas.

If you are in Miami and are looking for a restaurant that blends a little bit of culture into its meals, your next stop should be Loba restaurant. The Mimo establishment offers various culinary delicacies, including the Vincent Van Goat, that will undoubtedly delight your palate. The staff is quite hospitable too, which is a plus.