Loba’s Intense Delightful Flavors

Jessica’s contribution to the Miami restaurant scene has been well-received. In 2013, when Jessica launched the Loba restaurant, she was included in the 30 under 30 list by Zagat. She went on to establish herself as the first host/chef of Zagat’s Foodways, a famous web show that explores the intersection between culture and food. According to Jessica, it is essential to embrace your culture and learn more about it. Jessica was tired of trying to become something she was not when she decided to launch Loba. Loba’s success since its launch is a true testament of why remaining true to who you are is the best course of action. Jessica’s mother, Libia, now rallies behind the she-wolf, witnessing Jessica travel the right path and watching her go as far as her wings take her. Libia is confident about Jessica’s leadership capacity and believes that one day when she’s not around, she will know that all her children, including Jennifer as the leader, are walking confidently in whatever direction they are heading.

The Loba restaurant is cozy and ambient, and is housed in the same location of the old financial establishment. The meals feature an intense delightful flavor. Loba Restaurant’s menu features a fantastic selection of items, including Kale Cobb, Loba burger, bacon mac and cheese, fried chicken, and ceviche. All the meals are fantastic and feature a unique twist in flavors.

Loba offers a delightful selection of appetizers to kick start your dining experience. One of the most popular starters is the avocado toast featuring grilled sourdough, crushed Aleppo pepper, sea salt, and sliced and mashed avocado. The almond butter toast is quite delicious and comprises wheat toast, Florida honey, and almond butter. If you would like to kickstart your dining experience at Loba with a taste of chicken, then chicken little is the way to go. This selection features a dozen full natural chicken wings with a choice of bbq, mild, or lemon garlic. Despite which appetizer you choose to go with, one item that won’t fail to catch your eye is the Vincent Van Goat. This selection is a masterpiece and truly deserving of the name. Vincent Van Goat features an excellent integration of pistachio, Florida honey, fried goat cheese, and sea salt.

Before delving into the mains, let’s talk a little bit about Loba’s House Specialties. The Southern Benedict features breakfast potatoes, open-faced buttermilk biscuits, salsa verde hollandaise, poached egg, and braised brisket. It is one of the more popular selections among the eatery’s house specialties. Another selection sharing a similar name, Lentil Benedict, is also worth trying. It features breakfast potatoes, open-faced buttermilk biscuit, salsa verde hollandaise, poached egg, and offers some variation to the Southern Benedict by incorporating avocado and lentil patty. The prices of these two selections are more or less the same, with Southern Benedict going for $1 more than its younger brother, Lentil Benedict. The House burger, Libo burger, is a must-try. It features Nueske’s bacon, fried egg, Havarti, onion jam, premium chuck, and house-ground brisket. You can choose to have your burger accompanied by either a salad or hand-cut fries. Another item on the house specialties worth mentioning is the Huevo Rancheros. This selection promises a delightful experience for the palate. It features tortilla, lime creme fraiche, Monterey jack cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, sauteed onions, sauteed veggies or chorizo, black beans, salsa Roja, and fried eggs. It’s essential to note that the Huevos Rancheros is a selection for vegetarians and is gluten-free.